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welcome back to fox 45 early edition. 5:30 is the time. and it already looks hot outside and that is because it is. good morning, i'm patrice harris. meteorologist teve fertig is here to tell us just how hot
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i don't know if that picture looks hot. and i will assume. >> you don't see anybody ouu there. >> it's in the air. it's going to be a hot,,humid day. we had a few showers that pushed through last nightt we have a few more that you see back to the west. mostly it will steer to the north. if you seeeanything probably along tth mason dixon line as theestationary boundary sits to the north of us in pennsylvania. a chance of a shower is there. the heat definitely is here and the humidity. lookkwhere we start cry degrees right now in baltimore, and 77 in d.c., and 76 in salisbury and -0 degrees in hagerstown.ú we are headed to 92 degreessfor the high today and that will occur at aboutt2:00, 3:00 this afternoon, but as you can see we already start off warm and it we're going to looo for some relief for the seven-day forecast and see if we can find3 any. righttnow candace dold is here with the traffic edge.
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>> reporter: ttank youu we are focusing in on the beltway right now and in fact, see the coast is clear on both outer loop stretch..3 and we're from 795 toward 95. right now 11 minutes, 55 miles %--hrough altimore this morning from the fort mc me!! mchenry, d only 54 miles per with a 9 minute clip on southbound 895 -rom that harbor tunnel all the way ddwn tooard 95. that's a look at morning travels, patrice, back to you..3 after more than a decade with maryland state police and 8 years with the governor's protectiin detail a state -rooper is arrested facing felony child pornography charges. baltimore police arrested him after a long investtgation. from ounty police headquarters with more on how they tracked
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him down. >> baltimore county police say they're normal internet monitoring is hht led to the arrest of 47 years olddbruce tucker,,a 13 year eteraa with -aryland state police. according to charging documents over seveeal months, tucker received and exchanged more than 3,000 images of littte boys and girls, one child belieeed to be as young as 2 years old girl performing sex acts. detectives say they recovered evidence including a computer from inside tucker owinns mills home. as news spread, neighbors are ú%ocked. >> i live next door to a stttt trooppr, i guess you feel safe and you actually got somebody like that. i think it's preety shocking. >> reporter: baltimore county police said that tucker told them that he was curious of the and then his interest they arrested him and this morning he is free on $15,000ú but he is being suspended3 without pay.
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live from baltimore county policc headquarters, megan giililand, fox 45 early edition. garmenttof natural resources -- a department of natural resources officer is chargee with sexually abbssng a 13 years old. phillip glen bell was aarested in bedford, pennsylvania. he now faces 13 counts of sex abuss. he has beenna dnr officer for less than two years. he patrols the waters in baltimore county and the inner harbor. >> he gets time like everybody would, eeen though he is a op. resources police. a baltimore city police officer finds himself on the side of the law after being accused of rape. a woman reportedly told police that the officer assaulted herr3 during a car stop. offfcials will not say when or where the incident took place. the officer who is assigned to the northeast district has been
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suspended while the allegatioos are investigating. city police are callee to the mount vernon area aftee a man is stabbed inside of a restaurrnt. the call went out before 10:00 last night. ooficers rushed to the pizza on cathedraa street. the victim was stabbed in the chest. he was taken to shock traumm for tram and there's treatment, and on his condition at this time. no one was hurt but officials say that the people living in the home were displaced for the night. starteddin the attic. police rescue two boaters clinging to acooler after their boat capsizes. 36 years old ana ggrcia and 35 years olddcarlos e scobar were clinging to the cooler for more than two hours on the chesapeaae bay. at 9:00 they were fishing when the bbat capsized from the large
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waves. both were taken to baltimore medical center suffering from extreme exhog exhaustioo and shú workers at the raaenswood home could be feeling the heat. receive a citation following an investigation prompted from an air-conditioning failure. the ac failed and it was four days before the problem was reportee to city officials..3 ravenswood is expected to be sighte!!cited for several defics a woman badll bbrned at a nail salln will receive $1 million. she went to the studio and was burned while having her acrylic nails removed. she sued for $5 million saying -hat the shop mmde her to suffer
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second degree burns on 4!40% of her booy. the settlement with the salon's insurer is appropriate. the lottery commission isn't giving up to bring a slots casino to western maryland. they have plans for the golfers -ear cumbeeland. it's the smallest of 5 proposed sites in maryland and last year it failed too!! to attraat a qud bidder. a futuue operator. through the legislatiie process that wiil clarify the issue or makeethings moreeattractive too3 potential bidders. while maryland continues to wait for a big gambling bay day, it's borderr tays are going aal in. after a few weeks of table games coming to charleston, west virginia, the number of marylanders coming across the
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state line is staggerinn. as well and joins us live with those numbers, ood morning, joel. >> reporter: we're at hollywood casino in charles town, west virginia. this is now an area that is very attractive to people because it has table gamee something you cannot do in a llt of locations. you couldn't do here a few weeks ago. here with aaron rosenthal, youú cooe from a gambling background. you have been in las vegas for how long? >> i came from las vegas. i lived there most of my life. the last gaming company i worked there 13 years. >> reporter: just like west virginia. >> i look everywhere and iican't finddthe differences. >> reporter: cultureeshock, how long does it take you to get over. >> i got over pretty quickly. company before so i gotta customed with the relocation and what you got to do, but not much of a culture ssock.
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>> reportee: are there things you like the same things wherever you go. >> if youuare a gaabler, you like to plaa the game and it's your form of entertaanment. that is universsl wherever you go. >> reporter: how far will people travel based on what you have figured out marketing wise? >> they will travel from his area to atlantic city we know for sure.ú we think convince, really is one of the most important things. ú% close as we are to the baltimore area, we think that this is really the place to go -ow. >> reporter: it took us an the here. they say 40% of their lientele comes from maryland and we wonder how much that is going to ú%ange in the near future. >> do you ave a feel at what is going to happen when maryland opens up? >> we think it's convenient. %ome business will go there instead of here. >> reporter: patrice, they have theetable games which will
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be the big difffrence right now. >> soo joel, then how will marrland compete, because maryland still won't have the table games even when the casinos are up and running? >> reporter: that will be convince. if you're just a slots player, maryland will be great. you can be close enough, yyu can check that out and it's going to be new for a while.3 %-casino like this one.ywood if you want to go to the next level, maryland doesn't have thaa so they're going to be losing a decent amount of money coming to the other state. >> interesting. joel, thaak you. actress liidsay lohna in taking onna new role today. lohan is expected to report to a los angeles jail to begin her 90 day sentence for violating probation for two incidents. >> the actress probably doesn't have to get too comfortable in her new role.ú -hey say that she will serre only a fraction of her sentenceú
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because of the overcrowding. >> this is going to be real fight and probably going to get real nasty. >> hy they may backfire. another hot and humid day. surprise. temperatures getting up to 92 degrees on the bay. still an isolated chance forra late day shower nd signal.
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airborne. beautiful. and strong. there to ensure the most powerful transmitter is you.
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rule the air. welcome back, 5:43 on this -uesday morning. we're checking out our sky watch hd radar. the only thing we see is the west of garrett kaine. as you ca -- county. that will beemoving in and we will increase the shower chances.ú as far as significant overnight, probably more toward pennsylvania. and if we see anything in maryland it will be in the mason dixon line. here is what weeare looking at the bigger picture, you can see where the showers areefurther3 north. the temperatures are right around 88 degrees right now for
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the temperature. i'm trying to get my mic here. >> i can hear you you can hear me? >> all right, pattice, thanks. >> hang on, folks. i'm just going to hold it. you know what, sometimes i don't get dressed in the morning totally enough and so the microphone looks like it's ú%ipping. i think we're okay. 80 degrees. everybody hear me. 62% relative humidity, that is betttr. 59 and rising on the barometer,3 80 egrees temperature in baltimore, 77 in in d.c. and thization necessary front is going o -- stationary front is going to the north. we have showers thaa maa be moving along it or neaa it and will be moving from the east and north direction. it will steer more toward the north along the mason dixon line
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if anywhere else. let's take a look at the frontal boundary, a scan model shows a shower chance to the west at 5:00 p.m. it could be further eass for the ú%should dissipate later ony overnight tonight. looks liie actually drops to the south and then iitbrings in should whaa less hhmidity by thursday but until then, we will -ee a chance for a shooer or ttunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. hhre is what we're loooing at for the high temperatures in the 92 degrees for the high with mostll clear skies, west winds at 5-10 iles per hour and the natural part of the state, skies and west wind at 5-10. a shower ann thunderstorm late in the day to the west. ú%uth winds at 5 miles per hour. and thunderstorm chance ii you're going to the game tonight, camden yards, 88 egrees, artly loud skies with a few showers around. humid night and as we look ahead, 91 degrees for tomorrrw. ccance of a thunderstorm is there assthe frontal boundary
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sags south. further south and we ill get drier air, 93 but less humid. the humidity returns..3 friday 96, 98 on saturday, and rrle out an isolated thunderstorm, 98 degrees cooler3 on onday with mostly clear skies. and somebody we always like to hear from and she allays has her mic on, here is candace dold wwth the traffic edge. >> it's dark when we get ready in the orning. i uuderstand, i wardrobe malfunction. not too much to complain on the main lines. right now on the beltway, 60 miles per hour traveling through pikesville, 61 on theú jfx. there's trouble in aane arundel county in brooklyn this morningg it's because of a fire at st. john's united methodist church. it complettly shuts down hoffman off. you can use ritchie highway or
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hammons lane instead. traveling on the beltway in tte area at 295, we cannshow you ú%at that area looks like. it's going to be problem-free, innnr and outer loop lanes completely up to speed. traffic continues to flow freely furtter up showing exactly the area at frederick road this morning. it's going to be an easy drive in both directions. that'' a look at the morning travell..3 patrice, back over to you. thank you, candace. still ahead the orioles onlú manage to score 5 runs in theirú 3 game series with toronto. were though poised fooe an offensive explosion againstt3 tampa bay, find out what happenú in sports. >> this is going to be a reel fight and probably goinggto get very nasty. >> a war of words in the race heo, d u d u to oudeliouchoyde ever ochef and,d ow [ ga
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maryland neet governor won't beedecided for months but the mud is already flying. what does it all mean? jeff barns cuts through the campaign commmtion. a the feels point eatery and so are the feelings. >> 1 says that. >> reporter: about the race for maryland's next governor. >> let the best man win.
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>> the fight ii now hhating up. >> this is oinn to be a rral fight and it's probably going to gee very nasty. >> just listen to the radio. >> drilllbaby drill. >> and the gloves have come off. four months before the voters hit the polls. >> i think it's going to be a n3 holds bar fight to the finish. we're watchinggmartin o'malley in the summer of election acting desperate, acting like the challenger. >> a recent attack ad from the o'malley ad and democratic party take aim to bob ehrlich, hhs llw firm nn the bp spill in the gulf. >> drill, baby, drill. >> unreasonable ludicrous adding oil drilling and taking advantage of the catastrophe in louisiana and tie me to the that catastrophe. >> i think martin o'malley made a mistake with the negative
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attack ads with bob ehrlich. in so doing he gave up thh moral ú%gh ground. >> reporter: bob ehrlich saysú his law firm has done work for ool commanies but not bp as the radio ads suggest. -p>> i have been doing for 40 or 50 years in maryland. i have never seen this negative campaign. >> reporter: just weeks after releasing the ads the governor is now easing his aim. >> he shouldn't have named the oil spill. which in this tough times we need a governor who ii on our side. >> all they have done is %-ads.ouu and negative radio >> they think that the atttck ads on ehrlich trying to link him to the gulffoil desaster have backed fired on o'malley.3 >> reporter: political %-o'malley gain attention since polls suggest the two are in a dead heat.
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political observes are warning running ads in july might alsoú prove meaning less. >> righh now governor o'malley is trying to get some momentum by going on the air withú commercials at a time that seems a little early. >> tv ads in july will not be remembeeed on november secondd3 ellction day. >> reporter: the latest polling figures might help to explain governor martin o'malley's atest ccmpaign ad which shies away from the finger pointing and instead highlights office. to painted aapicture of himself that is very sharp or he runs the risk that ehrlich will paant it for him. >> reporter: the latest commercial is not without >> he inherited an economic ú%isis. >> reporter: as goverror he left the tate mooe than a billion dollars in surplus. >> but o''alley insistssthat the
5:53 am
not case and using it against his opponent in the d. >> we're not going to look the other way when the opponent spins the fairy tales of leaving us a suuplus and he left a -eficit. >> he is leaving the next ú%vernor a structural deficit. >> repprter: ' we wait for the ehrlich club to take offfthe glovvs and get in the race. >> i don't think that the two candidates re going to run a completely clean campaign. they going to have to attack one another..3 growing your money. >> i only get 1% interest rate which is not very good. %-instead of checking isn't a no brainer you might think. next the orioles are still waiting for
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guys remember, we're a solar system. mars is down...and... um, it's only 10am. who hasn't had their jimmy dean breakfast this morning? mmmm! now lets orbit i feel awesome. you're all awesome. jimmy dean breakfast sandwiches, fight the morning fade.
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good morning, everybody, here is your fiist look at sports. after wrapping up he first half -f the mighty texas rangers. the orioles had quite a lift going into the second half. that seems yeers ago. tampa bay came to town.nto and he would rather forget this
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night. and they sneak it inside of the line and bounces in the stands for a double rule. and the brings on the board 1-0. %-oo for, matt, evan lon lone d carlos penaatries to come in from 3rd and races up for 3 runs. tampa bay a 5-0 lead. still in the 3rd, it's now %-carl rawford releases to the the crawford thinking 3 all the way. he slides in ann gets there rbi triple. that was it for truman.
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matt alvaaez comes in longoria bounces it up. 3-0. they score 7 runs in the 3rdd 8 charges, tas tampa bay hands d pounds the orioles. meanwhile the help could be on the ay after playing in guuf coast league games. he continues his rehab. he debuted there last night and saturday. if all goes well, he might be able to join the orioles by sunday. roberts has them played by the o's with a herniated disc in the back. when they introouced theirrnew quarterback. the guy he was brouggt in to back up has not exactly returned the favor. joe flacco admits to being ccnnern about chemistry. he had a good rrlationship with his former back up. goes on toosay that bulger is a great guy, and may bring a thing
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or two that will help me. somewhat less thaa a ringgng endorsement don't you think. coming up in the 6:00 hour,in the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. an exploding crockpot, free-ranging house chickens. call a day's work. ♪ call 1-800-steemer the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. an exploding crockpot, free-ranging house chickens. call a day's work.
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